Your Personalized Leadership Journey Begins Now!

The HumanLytics Team proudly presents The Leadership APEX - a specialized program conceived in response to a universal demand: “Equip our leaders, new and seasoned, with foundational leadership training. But don’t stop there – give them options for continuous learning and personalized 1:1 coaching.”

Now with multiple start dates in 2024


Embark on a live, transformative 6-week journey, dedicating just two hours a week, and delve deep into the essentials of leadership.

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to help you explore and refine your leadership identity, with sessions including:

  • Session 1: Who am I as a Leader?

  • Session 2: Leading Communication and Conflict

  • Session 3: Lead Others, Legally

  • Session 4: Lead Your Team's Performance

  • Session 5: Lead Your Team through Change

  • Session 6: Strategic Leadership Practices

Note: One enlightening session per week, spanning six weeks.


Live Weekly Sessions


Limited Seats Available


Years of Experience

Customizing Your Leadership Journey

Post the foundational workshop, the path diverges based on your unique needs – leading to
Targeted Leadership Development
and/or 1:1 Coaching. Your journey, distinctively yours, is tailored to your aspirations and development needs.

Tri-Modal Learning Model – A Game Changer!

Individual Learning and Reflection

Learning occurs through individual reading and reflection/application activities.

Peer Meetings and Application Activities

Learning occurs through a weekly peer meeting where there are guided activities related to the weekly group learning.

Old-fashioned Homework

Learning occurs through homework activities that continues the thinking from the group session and provides a get-ready for the next session.

World-Class Facilitators at Your Service

Our facilitators, boasting extensive experience in both organizational leadership and entrepreneurship, are passionate about cultivating an interactive and reflective learning environment. Their mission? To empower you to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills dynamically!

Michael McCloskey

Founder and CEO

HumanLytics Team

Lori Wieters

Chief Science Officer

HumanLytics Team

Kaleigh Williams

Director of Learning & Development

HumanLytics Team


Kyle Cassidy

Enrolling in the 6-week Leadership Apex class has been a transformative experience for not only me but also my business. I've gained invaluable insights, practical strategies and enhanced confidence that has elevated my leadership skills to new heights, thanks to coaches like Kaleigh and the ability to collaborate with other students in the class.

David Hawks

I was able to learn what it takes to be a successful leader and take steps towards improving my strategic leadership skills. I identified areas of opportunity and discovered that I could be a better communicator amongst other things. I was able to honestly evaluate my team’s performance and learn where my time is best spent to retain top talent and grow future leaders. I gained insights into changes that happen in the workplace and how to appropriately lead when change inevitably occurs.

Melanie Sikma

The APEX class significantly enhanced my ability to deliver comprehensive and pertinent information to my team. Even some small tweaks to our team communication have greatly elevated the execution of our tasks and significantly improved our client care and satisfaction.

Ready to Ascend to Your Leadership APEX?

Join us at The Leadership APEX and commence your customized leadership journey.

Transformative experiences, unparalleled learning, and individualized paths to leadership excellence await you!

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